Writtenassignment 3

Hacksaw blades are classified by length, type and number of teeth on the blade. What determines the number of teeth to use?

Writtenassignment 3

And I thank god for the catfish because we would be droll, boring if we didn't have somebody nipping at our fin. And that's why I like this "documentary," and selected it as fodder for your next assignment.

Written assignment 3 celta

It's a rare documentary that easily generates discussion, and it is well suited to the process of digging and then writing. We don't have to like "Catfish" to have an opinion about it, and there are clear issues we can deduce.

Is it fake or is it real? The question is apparently pressing enough for someone to start a blog - www. And what's interesting about this film is how we, as viewers, can easily follow the lives of those involved after watching.

A visit to Angela's personal blog says a lot about who she is, and why she did what she did. I've now watched this film more than a few times, and on every occasion I've noticed something new that causes me to doubt the legitimacy of it. She was genuinely awkward, genuinely taken by surprise, and genuinely infatuated with Nev.

But how real was Nev?

Writtenassignment 3

Does this trailer do justice to the actual film, or simply mislead audiences to assume it would be some new genre we might call "cyber horror" or a reality thriller?

Already, we can see this film walks an uneven path, and has some goals in mind from the onset. Nev, along with his brother Ariel and friend Henry, are three filmmakers. Filmmakers make films - and this is something we have to keep in mind.

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In Catfish, we meet Nev as a good looking, charismatic guy in his early 20's, who has an interest in the arts.

He lives in downtown New York, meets dancers on a regular basis, and probably has no problem attracting women in the real world. So why on line? Supposedly, he falls in love with "Meg" through Facebook, and communicates with her by phone and internet for 8 months. She's only 19, lives in a small town which might as well be on the other side of the country, and there really isn't much that SHOULD make this romance work.

In my opinion, the answer is simple - to make a film, be invited to Cannes film festival, and rake in thousands of dollars. And all those things occurred at least for the filmmakers. It seems like a journey of illumination, when in fact it was always a hunt. A hunt to exploit an obvious imposter who really just wanted to make her life more interesting.

Some red flags that I don't think the filmmakers can explain: Wouldn't it be natural for this couple to use one? Or at least a personal video from a camera? Furthermore, Angela doesn't strike me as that effective a writer. All her Facebook entities were too good to be true, and they all signed off from their messages similarly.

They all sounded the same. Elaborate and creative - yes; but a genius liar? I simply don't buy that Nev had no idea.

I think he and his brother and Henry knew very well they were dealing with an imposter, and they invited her to expand her story until it became worthy of an ambush.Written Assignment # 3 - ANSWERS 1) a) dim(row(A)) = 3; a possible choice for the basis: [ 3=5; 2=5;7=5] (column vector is written horizontally here to save space).

5) a) T is not linear: T(0) 6= 0: b) T is not linear. You must provide a speci c counterexample that T. Click on the link below vetconnexx.com Outline the issue raised in the article. Phys Written Assignment #3 Due Friday Oct 1, am. Textbook (Giancoli, SFU edition), page , question # (Fig.

22–46). A spherical cavity of radius r/ 0 2 is then scooped out and left empty, as shown.

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(a) What is the magnitude and direction of the electric field at point A? (b) What is the direction and magnitude of the electric. Written exams/Assignments Institute of Credit Management. Jan 13, - ICM registration deadline 6 October.

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Written Assignment #3 Department of Physics, UIUC Written Assignment 3 Either (a) One possible view of the nature of scientific theories (known as “operationalism”) is that they are simply “shorthand accounts of the [experimental] phenomena themselves, effecting an ‘economy of thought’ in.

Written assignment 3 celta