Viadeo la poste solutions business plan

I worked in startups where everything needed to be built like Mindready, Embrase, Metafoam and Odotech. I also have experience with large international corporations from previous work at Rheinmetall Defence. My motivation comes from the challenges ahead of me and I will bring my team to reach corporate objectives. Synchronizing the products and sales efforts with the operational objectives is the way to do it.

Viadeo la poste solutions business plan

Illustration by Darrel Rees In recent years, the method of organizational change known as co-creation has spread rapidly in the business sector. In a co-creation effort, multiple stakeholders come together to develop new practices that traditionally would have emerged only from a bureaucratic, top-down process if, indeed, those practices would have emerged at all.

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Change, moreover, occurs not just at the level of an organization, but also across an entire value chain. Can public sector managers apply the same method to the seemingly intractable institutions that they oversee?

Take, for example, the agriculture and food value chain. In the traditional model, each link in that chain is essentially transactional: At every stage of production and distribution—from selling seeds to retailing packaged foods—the interaction between participants viadeo la poste solutions business plan limited to the buying and selling of products or services, and the role of each participant stays within well-defined boundaries.

In the past 15 years, however, some of these participants have developed new forms of interaction that blur the boundaries between them and turn a transactional process into an interdependent ecosystem.

In doing so, they are following the path of co-creation. A few companies, in fact, have taken that path as a matter of deliberate strategy. The idea behind e-Choupal was to replace the traditional sourcing process with an approach that involves assembling farmer groups in each village and providing each group with digital tools that deliver timely market data as well as locally relevant information on agronomic best practices.

For farmers, this approach resulted in significant yield improvements and improved economic conditions. Use of the e-Choupal platform also led to a dramatic boost in the volume and the quality of soybeans available to ITC.

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The company later extended the platform to cover wheat and other commodities. Through the program, it works with participating farmers to identify the right mix of seeds and chemicals to use on their crops.

In addition, farmers receive coaching on new agronomic practices that help them both to optimize their yield and to become better stewards of their land. An impact assessment study by the consulting firm PwC showed that participating farmers increased their yield by 25 percent and their net income by 36 percent.

Thanks in part to this program, BASF has grown significantly faster than its competitors in India over the past 10 years and has become the Indian market leader within its industry. After their early successes with the co-creation model, ITC and BASF combined forces to create One Million Smiles, a program that integrates input and output strategies to help drive productivity gains for farmers.

viadeo la poste solutions business plan

Recently, they have begun to invite other companies including financial services firms and telecom providers to join the program. As these examples illustrate, the essence of co-creation is the formation of new relationships.

Co-creation starts from the experience of each actor and strives to discover new modes of interaction that will improve the experience for all actors simultaneously.

viadeo la poste solutions business plan

That process often leads to a reconfiguration of roles: Recipients of services become service providers, and vice versa.

To develop and sustain these new modes of interaction, participants typically create special platforms for community engagement many of which incorporate supporting technology tools.

In the public sector, adoption of the co-creation method is a fairly recent development.Optimiser la livraison de vos commandes légères cross-border Vous voulez développer votre #ecommerce à l'international, cet article va vous montrer les solutions de livraison adaptées à vos commandes légères vetconnexx.comt Status: Verified.

Docapost, a subsidiary of La Poste, is currently developing two more digitisation solutions mostly geared towards local authorities: Citoyen ° and Toucan. Citoyen ° is an online platform that lets citizens access a variety of public services from their smartphones, computers, or post office machines.

In August , IER identified the software activity as a strategic growth opportunity for the company in the future and decided to create a dedicated business unit for .

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