Unit 6 humour 2 bac writing a check

Name the compound NO2. Since there is only one nitrogen atom AND it is the first element the prefix mono is not used. Add the ide ending to get oxide.

Unit 6 humour 2 bac writing a check

Then you can correct yourself reading the transcript below the video. At Halloween, it is traditional to give apples to children. Halloween began as a Christian festival. A long time ago, people used to wear masks in order to look like ghosts. Halloween is an abbreviation of All Hallows Eve. The activity of trick-or-treating began in Britain in the Middle Ages.

The tradition of 'souling' is named after the pastries known as 'soul cakes'.

unit 6 humour 2 bac writing a check

Trick-or-treating was revived by Irish and Scottish immigrants in the s. American consumers spend more than six billion dollars on Halloween each year.

unit 6 humour 2 bac writing a check

Christmas is the most commercial holiday in the U. When most people think of Halloween, they think of trick-or-treating, parades, bobbing for apples and other family-friendly activities.

It all goes back some two thousand years, to the ancient Celtic festival know as Samhain, celebrated on November 1st.

On the night before Samhain, people believed that the dead returned as ghosts.

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They would leave food and wine on their doorsteps to keep roaming spirits at bay and wear masks when they left their house so they would be mistaken for fellow ghosts.

The night before became All Hallows Eve, later shortened to Halloween. All three of these traditions originated in medieval Britain. In the medieval Halloween tradition of guising, young people would dress up in costumes and accept food, wine, money and other offerings in exchange for singing, reciting poetry or telling jokes.

In nineteen-century America, Irish and Scottish immigrants revived these old traditions. The result was trick-or-treating. At first, it was much more about the tricks, in the form of pranks and hijinks, than the treats.

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Today, Halloween is big business, with U. S consumers spending more than 2. How would you explain the meaning of the following words or expressions?Turnitin celebrates the writing process.

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