Understanding the patient intake process 2 essay

Types[ edit ] Anterograde amnesia is the inability to create new memories due to brain damage, while long-term memories from before the event remain intact. The brain damage can be caused by the effects of long-term alcoholism, severe malnutritionstrokehead traumaencephalitissurgery, Wernicke—Korsakoff syndromecerebrovascular eventsanoxia or other trauma. Anterograde amnesia cannot be treated with pharmacological methods due to neuronal loss. Likewise, social and emotional support is critical to improving quality of life for anterograde amnesia sufferers.

Understanding the patient intake process 2 essay

More Essay Examples on Process Rubric All of these steps contribute to the length of time and proficiency in the intake process.

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Again, the question at hand is how the whole process can be made more efficient, not only for the office staff and physician, but also for the patient. The use of electronic health information change can make the process more efficient.

The development of these networks can help make the patient intake process more efficient. Because the information is exchanged electronically from physician to physician, this can decrease the wait time for the patient and help keep the clinic moving patients.

When a patient presents for a new patient appointment, there are several papers that need to be filled out. If a patient sees a primary care physician, all of this information has been already been established.

This would eliminate the need to fill out paper work again. Once the patient arrives for the initial visit, he or she could then be given a hand-held tablet. The tablet would need to have a plain and simple format so that those not familiar with electronics could easily scroll from page to page and see his or her information.

The patient would then be given a brief explanation of how to scroll through the information and verify that all of the information was correct. If corrections need to be made, the patient could inform the office staff and see if the information being changed on the tablet as the office staff is making the corrections.

Not only would this eliminate paper work, but this also could allow for insurance verification ahead of patient arrival. With the insurance information ahead of time, a patient can be informed of the findings the day before and how much will need to be collected upon arrival.

If the patient is unable to pay, the appointment can be rescheduled and allow for schedule adjustments. This not only would make the patient happy, but the physician as well. Electronic health information exchange programs are being implemented throughout the different states.

Mississippi now has what is called the Mississippi Health Information Network. This network allows for exchange of not only patient demographics information, but also previous testing, medications, diagnoses, hospital charts, prior physicians seen, and insurance information.

A patient has the option to opt out of the network if so desired and not allow for the exchange of information. The data is encrypted and every effort is made to make transfer of information as secure as possible in order to avoid breaches in patient privacy.

As one can see, the electronic exchange of information can make the intake process a more efficient and pleasant experience for patients and office staff. It eliminates the time a patient spends filling out paper work.

The elimination of a few minutes for the patient can make a big difference in the whole process. Achieve ROI through patient intake. HME News, 18 91-S7. American Nurse, 44 2Understanding the Patient Intake Process Essay. the patient receives the medical services needed and that the billing process also runs smooth.

The information that is gathered in the patient intake process usually gathers the same basic information. This process is also called the patient preregistration process. In reference to billing purposes and the patients visit, this intake process is the very first step.

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Establishing financial responsibility and validating insurance coverages is a key . Understanding the Patient Intake Process; Understanding the Patient Intake Process.

Understanding the patient intake process 2 essay

The information that is gathered in the patient intake process usually gathers the same basic information. This process is also called the patient preregistration process. Part Three of Test One: Essay.

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Understanding the Patient Intake Process Tabitha Neufind HCR 22 September 28, Felecia Pettit-Wallace Understanding the Patient Intake Process The intake process of patients is different from practice to practice, but the main purpose of the process is retrieve new and established patients information during check in at a providers office, .

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2. Patient will observe fundus that is firm, midline, and decreasing in height by the end of clinical shift. 3. Patient will verbalize understanding of signs and symptoms of hemorrhage by the end of clinical shift.

Monitor intake/output, assess for bladder fullness, and encourage the patient to void.