Theories actually seen in ojt

They defined the organizational learning process as:

Theories actually seen in ojt

Box was to show that more often than not poor performance is not just an issue of knowledge and skills, but also includes poor attitudes and habits. Yet, individuals spend most of their resources developing knowledge and skills yet fail to develop the necessary attitudes and habits for success.

How to do things Knowledge is what you know and is sum total of learning — theoretical and practical — that Theories actually seen in ojt individual acquires over a period of time.

Knowledge of the subject, environment, general matter, form the building blocks for the ability to understand, internalize and deliver on the performance objectives. Knowledge however is highly overrated Attitude: While knowledge and skills are important, the ability to put them to use is defined by the attitude of the TM who possess them.

The attitude that a TM develops that will help him in leveraging his knowledge and skills to perform in the work place. How well to do things Skills are those capabilities and competencies that are gained through experience and learnt through practice.

Technical skills, communication skills, analytical skills, and presentation skills are some such skills that will help the employees in their communication and delivery of performance. What we repeatedly and consistently do without any effort Habits are those aspects of our behavior that reflect what we do repeatedly and believe deep within and is what truly defines our capability to perform.

Successful organizations want winning to be their habit. Success is a product of doing the right and desirable things repeatedly. This happens when the employees are habituated to work hard, work smart, work systematically and perform consistently.

Positive attitude and good habits of the employees are invariably the reason behind the performance of great companies. Successful organizations realize that it is the negative attitudes and wrong habits of the employees are mostly the reasons behind the failures and not lack of knowledge or skills.

The left side — Knowledge and Skills — is all about learning — the acquisition of knowledge and are typically acquired through teaching. While the right side — Attitudes and Habits — is all about performing — the application of knowledge and these are learned throughcoaching.

Habits are usually very difficult to break and a smart companies leverage on the habits of effective people to make it an organization habit and later on, it becomes the culture.

So, the next time you wish sustainable success for yourself, ask yourself this simple question: Will my success be dependent upon the acquisition of new knowledge and skills or will my success be because of my consistently applied positive attitudes and habits?

Another way to ask this question is: Have my past failures been a result of a lack of knowledge and skills or due to poor attitudes and habits?

Theories actually seen in ojt

If you answered attitudes and habits, then what you are doing to build those attitudes and habits on a daily basis? Anyone can go buy a book or take a class to gain knowledge, but very few people take the time to develop and redevelop the true obstacles to their success!

It is also the easiest, because, in most cases, it is provided while performing in the working environment. Although the basics of most tasks can be provided in the classroom, nothing can replace the hands-on experience gained in learning about any particular task, watch station, or a piece of equipment.

OJT is usually provided during drills, watches, and actual operational evolutions. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills byperforming in actual work setting. Colleges and universities require their studentsto undergo such training within a specific number of hours as part of thecurriculum.Theories Actually Seen In Practice Ojt Essays and Term Papers.

Topics: Training The Destination of on the job training program is to give the full fledged energy to the students to face this world with basic knowledge about the companies and process involved over their training in various modules, so that he/she will be able to improve.

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Theories actually seen in ojt

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The plural is incorrect. At least I learned something during my time in the program. You should have taken notes =). Nov 22,  · OJT Training: Theory Influencing Practice Three source documents are being used to analyze the theory and practice of On-the-Job-Training.

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