Smart words for english essays for high school

The Common Core asks students to read stories and literature, as well as more complex texts that provide facts and background knowledge in areas such as science and social studies. This stresses critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are required for success in college, career, and life.

Smart words for english essays for high school

What are some ways your school has tried to overcome these challenges? What can teachers in content classes do to teach content and language simultaneously?

smart words for english essays for high school

What are some possible collaboration models for content and ESL teachers? What can schools and teachers at your school do to work with this subgroup of ELLs?

Describe the impediments that stand in the way of an ELL attending college? How could your school increase the likelihood of ELLs going to college and completing a post-secondary degree?

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What types of professional development activities do you think would be helpful to teachers who want to learn more about effective academic English instruction? If states adopt common standards and assessments, how do you think these standards should be modified to consider the challenges and needs of ELLs?

Secretary of Education on all matters related to ELL students. Deborah Santiago, is the co-founder and Vice President for Policy and Research at Excelencia in Education where her current research focuses on state and federal policy, accountability, program evaluation, and student success in higher education.

Previously, Deborah worked with federal agencies to evaluate how their programs served Latinos and produced multiple reports on the status of Latinos in education as the Deputy Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.

She was a classroom teacher for 20 years, including ten years as an ELL instructor. How can schools help close the achievement gap for English language learners and what can we do to increase college readiness for these students? Please join me for the four-part AdLit. Please join me for the four part AdLit.

Joining me are three experts, Kathleen Leos. Deborah Santiago, is the vice president of Excelencia in Education, where her research is focused on state and federal policy as well as Latino and ELL success in higher education.

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She was a classroom teacher for 20 years including 10 years as an ELL instructor. Thank you all for joining us. Well we have lots of recent statistics and we know that there are five and a half million English language learners or what used to be called students who were limited English proficient.

And the rest of the students in the smaller percentage category, speak really a variety of languages, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Thai, Navajo, but, but a much smaller percentage. So and a really fast growing population, 10 percent annual growth. Deborah, what states are we seeing the highest growth rate in for English language learners?

In Texas, about 10 percent; Arizona, nine percent; New Mexico, seven percent. And I wanted to make clear that the data show that us that 18 percent of Hispanic kids in K, speak a language other then English at home. I think a very revealing statistic from the PU Hispanic Center is that 85 percent of our English language learners are born in the United States, are US citizens and start school in kindergarten and first grade.

And of the remaining 15 percent, 52 percent of the kids are foreign born, but they start school in kindergarten and first grade, also.

Has our approach, Kathleen, changed over the last 30 years, our approach to teaching English language learners?

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The approach to teaching in the classroom is changing rapidly and it has changed a lot. When students used to be removed from classrooms in the past to work with an ESL teacher or certified teacher in the language area to acquire playground English or social and culturally relevant language.We offer K and college students high quality Online 1 on 1 Tutoring and Assignment Help for All Subjects: Math, English, Science, etc.

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