Puget sound essay prompt

Request Information Application Checklist Puget Sound accepts applications for fall and spring admission. For fall entry, candidates can choose from one of three application options: Applicants applying from schools outside of the U.

Puget sound essay prompt

Share on Google Plus Share A scene from the documentary The War Room flashed through my mind recently when I was scoring writing samples from my sophomores. Many of the responses to the prompt I did not anticipate.

Another student persuaded me why his soccer coach was his best teacher the essay was informative. To help remedy this situation, prevent my already high blood pressure from rising further, and to inoculate my sophomores from having early-onset-senioritis, I devised the following strategy. In high school, the Common Core asks to students to either write informative or argumentative essays.

Puget sound essay prompt

What subject will you be writing about? Once students have determined which type of essay they will be writing, then they need to determine what topic they will be writing about.

In what medium will you be giving this information?

Puget sound essay prompt

Though most SBAC prompts ask students to compose essays, I have seen examples asking students to compose a letter. Where are you getting the evidence to answer the prompt? Students need to read the prompt carefully to determine where they will be getting evidence in the essay to support their thesis.

Some SBAC prompts ask students to synthesize evidence from multiple sources provided. Who will you be writing to? Students should infer from the prompt which audience would read their essay, not just the amorphous reader.

When I taught seniors, my students composed admission essays for college. I reminded my student-writers that no matter which prompt they selected, they were always writing for an admissions officer.

They needed to use college level diction and syntax to demonstrate they knew how to effectively communicate at the college level. What universal theme is the prompt addressing?

No, I do not expect my students to write like MLK, but I know they are capable of finding a universal theme within a prompt, and weaving that theme throughout their essay.

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I encourage you to employ the 6Ts when teaching your students about essay prompts. Show them a new prompt each day and have them identify the 6Ts. All this practice will help them activate the writing-prompt center of their brains. Yeats, or at a minimum, be able to competently respond to an essay prompt.These essays, along with the Common Application and essay, teacher and counselor evaluations, and high school transcripts, will allow us to fully evaluate the potential of a student at Puget Sound.

If you’ve started your application to Puget Sound, you may have already seen the two questions. University Of Puget Sound Admissions Essay University of Puget Sound | University of Puget Sound Find everything you need to know about University of Puget Sound, including tuition & financial aid, student life, application info, academics & more.

However, from our research, University of Puget Sound is understood to superscore the ACT. We couldn't confirm it directly from the school's admissions website, but multiple sources confirm that the school does superscore the ACT.

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First it was the emails gathering in my inbox and then was the letters stacking up on my desk. But it was not until my college counselor told me how perfect that little liberal arts college in Washington was that I really started to pay attention to the University of Puget Sound.

essay we do read is the required School of Occupational Therapy at the University of Puget Sound and to the discipline of University of Puget Sound Application Essays (College University of Puget Sound Academic and Professional Writing For University of Puget Sound Admission Essay, University of Puget Sound Application Essays Puget Sound Essay.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Answering a Prompt , aka the 6Ts: 1. T ype: What “type” of essay will you be writing?

I encourage you to employ the 6Ts when teaching your students about essay prompts. Show them a new prompt each day and have them identify the 6Ts. and do not reflect the opinions of the Puget Sound Educational.

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