Problems associated with contemporary social problems in nigeria

Not Edited nor Revised The concept of African personality generally refers to manifestations of cultural uniqueness among Africans as reflected in their behavior, social norms, customs, values, beliefs, religious zeal, attitudes, explanations of the cosmos and the supernatural, social and political systems historically or in contemporary times. The concept of the African personality has been addressed by many past and contemporary Africans and Afro-Americans. It has been defined differently when used to designate all the black people with an African heritage; mainly those of the Caribbean Islands and the United States of America.

Problems associated with contemporary social problems in nigeria

Human trafficking in Ethiopia Mahider Bitew, Children's Rights and Protection expert at the Ministry of Women's Affairssays that some remote studies conducted in Dire DawaShashemeneAwassaand three other towns of the country indicate that the problem of child trafficking is very serious.

According to a study, about one thousand children were trafficked via Dire Dawa to countries of the Middle East. The majority of those children were girls, most of whom were forced to be prostitutes after leaving the country.

The International Labour Organization has identified prostitution as the worst form of child labor. The ages of these children are usually between 10 and 18, and their trafficking is from the country to urban centers and from cities to the country. Boys are often expected to work in activities such as herding cattle in rural areas and in the weaving industry in Addis Ababa and other major towns.

Girls are expected to take responsibilities for domestic chores, childcare, and looking after the sick, and to work as prostitutes. Human trafficking in GhanaHuman trafficking in Beninand Human trafficking in Togo In parts of Ghana among the Ewe peoplea family may be punished for an offense by having to turn over a virgin female to serve as a sex slave within the offended family.

In parts of Ghana, Togoand Beninshrine slavery persists, despite being illegal in Ghana since This system of slavery is sometimes called trokosi in Ghanaor voodoosi in Togo and Benin, or ritual servitude.

Young virgin girls are given as slaves in traditional shrines and are used sexually by the priests, in addition to providing free labor for the shrine. Accra-based non-governmental organization told citi news victims are recruited under the guise of working as restaurant assistants.

They are then confined and forced to provide sexual services. Madagascar[ edit ] Domestic servitude and forced labor are a continuing problem and increasing as a result of exacerbated poverty in Madagascar, according to a mission by the United Nations Special Rapporteur for contemporary forms of slavery.

The UN Special Rapporteur identified children as particularly vulnerable and was particularly concerned about the enslavement of youth in mining and sexual exploitation or servile marriages. Slavery in Mali Slavery continues to exist in Mali in all ethnic groups of the country but particularly among the Tuareg communities.

The French formally abolished slavery inbut many slaves remained with their masters until when large emancipation activism occurred. Slavery persists today with thousands of people still held in servitude; however, an active social movement called Temedt which won the Anti-Slavery International award has been pressuring the government for ending slavery in the country.

Slavery in Mauritania A system exists now by which Arab Muslims —the bidanes—own black slaves, the haratines. An estimated 90, Mauritanians remain essentially enslaved. Slaves believe that if they do not obey their masters, they will not go to paradise.

They are raised in a social and religious system that everyday reinforces this idea.

Problems associated with contemporary social problems in nigeria

The state, if it is Islamic, does not have the right to seize my house, my wife or my slave. Yet, Mauritanian human rights campaigners remain hopeful and believe that the trial will ultimately lead to positive long-term changes.

Economic Growth In Nigeria - Impact Of Oil Industry

Slavery in Niger Niger continues to have significant problems with three forms of contemporary slavery: Despite the law, slavery persists throughout the different ethnic groups of the country, women are particularly vulnerable, and a census confirmed the existence of 43, slaves and estimated that the total population could be overpeople.

State Department 's allegations:Contemporary Social Problems In Nigeria.  Homelessness a Social Problems Facing the Contemporary United States Shelley Gutierrez, The problem is going to include some typified examples, general terms that are associated with the problem, . Nov 13,  · Social problems, also called social issues, affect every society, great and small.

Even in relatively isolated, sparsely populated areas, a group will encounter social problems.

Major Problems Facing Nigeria Today

Part of this is due to the fact that any members of a society living close enough together will have conflicts. Social problems in Nigeria: what are they?

Problems associated with contemporary social problems in nigeria

The country is undoubtedly struggling with a long list of contemporary issues. The government currently has a lot on its shoulders, so the responsibility of solving social problems partly lies on the citizens.

What are Some Social Problems? (with pictures)

Social Watch poverty eradication and gender justice. In a report to the UN General Assembly, a UN rights expert has emphasised that poverty is closely associated with racism and contributes to the persistence of racist attitudes and practices which in turn generate more poverty.

 Homelessness a Social Problems Facing the Contemporary United States Shelley Gutierrez, RNC Western Governors University Student ID: [email protected] Homelessness a Social Problems Facing the Contemporary United States Homelessness is a social problem in the United States.

Homelessness defined according to the . 1 Introduction: Nigeria on the brink. Nigeria is at a dreadful precipice. Observers of the country and everyone with any interest in it must be very concerned about what the fallout would be should it be unable to surmount its current problems.

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