Paper tea cups

History[ edit ] Packing tea in paper goes back to medieval 8th century China, during the Tang dynastywhen paper was folded and sewn into square bags to preserve tea flavoring and aromas. Then the paper tea bags were stitched from all sides to create protective casings for the tea leaves.

Paper tea cups

History[ edit ] Paper cups have been documented in imperial Chinawhere paper was invented by 2nd century BC. Textual evidence of paper cups appears in a description of the possessions of the Yu family, from the city of Hangzhou. In the early 20th century, it was common to have shared glasses or dippers at water sources such as school faucets or water barrels in trains.

This shared use caused public health Paper tea cups. One notable investigation into their use was the study by Alvin Davison, biology professor at Lafayette Collegepublished with the sensational title "Death in School Drinking Cups" in Technical World Magazine in Augustbased on research carried out in Easton, Pennsylvania 's public schools.

The article was reprinted and distributed by the Massachusetts State Board of Health in November One of the first railway companies to use disposable paper cups was the Lackawanna Railroadwhich began using them in Bythe public glass had disappeared from railway carriages, replaced by paper cups even in jurisdictions where public glasses had yet to be banned.

In the Massachusetts State College found in one study that the cost of using washable glasses, re-used after being sanitized, was 1.

Dixie cups[ edit ] "Dixie cup" redirects here. For the type of naval headgear, see Sailor cap. For the band, see The Dixie Cups. Dixie Cup is the brand name for a line of disposable paper cups that were first developed in the United States in by Lawrence Luellen, a lawyer in BostonMassachusettswho was concerned about germs being spread by people sharing glasses or dippers at public supplies of drinking water.

Luellen developed an ice-cooled water- vending machine with disposable cups, [7] and with another Bostonian, Hugh Mooreembarked on an advertising campaign to educate the public and to market his machine, principally to railroad companies. Professor Davison's study was instrumental in abolishing the public glass and opening the door for the paper cup.

Soon, the devices, which would dispense cool water for one cent, became standard equipment on trains. Success led the company, which had existed under a variety of names, to call itself the Dixie Cup Corporation and move to a factory in Wilson, Pennsylvania.

Atop the factory was a large water tank in the shape of a cup. The assets of James River are now part of Georgia-Pacifica subsidiary of Koch Industriesthe second largest privately owned company in the United States.

Inproduction moved to a modern factory in Forks, Pennsylvania. The original factory in Wilson has sat vacant ever since. Inthe Dixie Cup logo was created by Saul Bassa graphic designer known for his motion picture title sequences.

The coupon collector's problem is sometimes called the Dixie cup problem. Manufacture[ edit ] The world's largest "paper" cup in front of what was once the Lily-Tulip manufacturing company, later Sweetheart Cup Company.

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Paper cup forming machine The base paper for paper cups is called "cup board", and is made on special multi-ply paper machines.

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Paper tea cups

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In this Article: Article Summary Brewing Your Tea Applying the Tea to the Paper Drying the Paper Community Q&A Aging paper with tea is a fun craft that's perfect if you're working on a vintage project.

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Paper tea cups
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