One in three councils switch off

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One in three councils switch off

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Share this article Share A total of 39 councils are turning their lights off completely, 74 are dimming them and 30 are doing a mixture of both, the figures show. The body said 11 people had been killed either partly or wholly because of street lights being switched off since AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has lambasted the move, saying: They are killer roads if you turn the street lights off on fast roads.

Mr Bosdet said Exeter residents were told to carry torches when walking to bus stops, adding: They said it reminded them of the Blitz.

One in three councils switch off

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said: Street lights ensure that people are safe on our roads and feel safe walking home. The county council dims 14, and a further 11, are set to be dimmed or switched off in future.

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The data comes after it emerged millions of households face an inflation-busting rise in council tax. The same proportion said they also want to put up parking charges and other fees, resulting in residents paying more for home help, swimming pools, school meals, burials, planning advice and garden waste collection.

Inthere were of them. Kent County Council is converting all its street lights to LEDs, which will be kept on through the night. A spokesman said the process is due to be completed in May. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Great street light switch off:Use the Girl Scout Council Finder to find a troop near you and unleash your G.I.R.L.

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The touch switch requires digging into the wiring of the lamp, but it shouldn't be too hard, even if you aren't an electronics guru—the tutorial on Instructables coupled with the touch switch's. Three-quarters of councils are economising on street lighting, according to a Labour Party survey One-quarter of street lights across England have been turned off or dimmed by councils to save.

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