Old agriculture of kerala

How Maharashtra farmers use smart phones to boost cotton yields Aurangabad, Oct 3: Forty-year-old cotton farmer Nivrutti Ghule feels more in control of his crops today.

Old agriculture of kerala

India - Agriculture Photo by: Indian farmers also grow pulses, potatoes, sugarcane, oilseeds, and such non-food items as cotton, tea, coffee, rubber, and jute a glossy fiber used to make burlap and twine.

India is a fisheries giant as well. A total catch of about 3 million metric tons annually ranks India among the world's top 10 fishing nations.

Old agriculture of kerala

Despite the overwhelming size of the agricultural sector, however, yields per hectare of crops in India are generally low compared to international standards.

Improper water management is another problem affecting India's agriculture. At a time of increasing water shortages and environmental crises, for example, the rice crop in India is allocated disproportionately high amounts of water.

One result of the inefficient use of water is that water tables in regions of rice cultivation, such as Punjab, are on the rise, while soil fertility is on the decline. Aggravating the agricultural situation is an ongoing Asian drought and inclement weather.

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Although during a monsoon with average rainfall had been expected, prospects of agricultural production during that period were not considered bright. This has partially been due to relatively unfavorable distribution of rainfall, leading to floods in certain parts of the country and droughts in some others.

Despite the fact that agriculture accounts for as much as a quarter of the Indian economy and employs an estimated 60 percent of the labor force, it is considered highly inefficient, wasteful, and incapable of solving the hunger and malnutrition problems.

Despite progress in this area, these problems have continued to frustrate India for decades. It is estimated that as much as one-fifth of the total agricultural output is lost due to inefficiencies in harvesting, transport, and storage of government-subsidized crops.Kerala News Sabarimala row: Strike called in Kerala after arrest of Sangh Parivar leader VHP state president S J R Kumar alleged that Hindu Aikyavedi state President K P Sasikala was arrested by police near Marakkoottam near Sabarimala at am Saturday.

Old agriculture of kerala

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Most Searched Kerala plans to have a scientific transition to organic and natural farming from the present chemical farming. Steps such as geographical indication registration and returning land to its natural use are listed for supporting farmers to overcome problems faced during the floods.

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Kerala Agriculture Kerala, the state located in the southern tip of India is bordered by Arabian Sea and the extensive network of azure backwaters, rivers and streams, boasts of an agrarian economy. Department of Agriculture Kerala shared Chelannur Krishibhavan's post.

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· August 13, · Chelannur Krishibhavan added 4 new photos — . The National Commission on Agriculture has asserted that under India's present ratio of agricultural land per capita, tenancy as such cannot and should not be totally banned (National Commission on Agriculture Part XV, pp.