Obsessing about perfection in the birthmark essay

The birthmark essay The birthmark essay Earthly Imperfections Too often in this world does man attempt to perfect nature. Tampering with this sort of element most commonly leads to a disaster to come extent. Because man is never satisfied, he is constantly vying for perfection, regardless of the outcome.

Obsessing about perfection in the birthmark essay

He tells her as much, and then practically insists that she get plastic surgery. When he realizes such a procedure is terribly dangerous, he goes forward with it anyway, and ends up killing her in an attempt to make her perfect. Not exactly an ideal husband. Yet both Aylmer and Georgiana make every rationalization for this behavior.

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Georgiana later reasons that his love is all the more noble for its desire to make her into something perfect. Aylmer is not satisfied with an earthly, ordinary love — he dreams of something greater.

Of course, it is just this something greater that really gets out Aylmer into trouble. Actually, make that foolish ambition.

Aylmer seeks to unfold the secrets of the natural world, and not only know the mechanism of its power, but in fact harness it and become a creator himself.

Obsessing about perfection in the birthmark essay

We know these things about Aylmer from the beginning of the story: You could even argue that, as much as he cares about making his wife perfect, he cares at least as much about the science behind the process, and the prospect of rivaling nature with his own scientific abilities.Because of his nature, we can look to these two "flaws" – the desire to play God and a blinding faith in science – as a strong contender for the reason behind Aylmer's obsession with removing his wife's birthmark.

View Essay - argumentationessay from AP ENGLISH 3 at United High School. Jessica 1 Jessica Garza English H. Dykstra April 12, The defect of society In Nathaniel Hawthornes The Birthmark, it.

We will write a custom essay sample on Obsession of Perfection specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now (Hawthorne ). He seeks to remove his wife’s birthmark, the symbol of necessarily flawed humanity, and make her perfect.

Georgiana’s birthmark represents man’s imperfections, the very imperfections that . Read The Birthmark free essay and over 88, other research documents.

The Birthmark. February 13, Analyzing Hawthorne's The Birthmark What is perfection? Can perfection be explained? In "The Birthmark," Hawthorne uses the birthmark to explain that Nature Words | 4 Pages.

The Literary movement and story I decided to choose was American Romanticism, and “The Birthmark” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. American Romanticism is a literary period in American Literature that lasted from sass to sass.

Throughout the story Laymen was obsessing over Georgians birthmark, while other men of the story were saying how perfect she was with the birthmark, “If she were my wife, old never part with that birthmark” (Hawthorne ).

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