How to write a family history book template

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How to write a family history book template

Daniel, a justice of the peace in Mendon, had a son Josiah Taftlater of Uxbridge, [5] who died in This branch of the Taft family claims America's first woman voter, Lydia Taftand five generations of Massachusetts legislators and public servants beginning with Lydia's husband, Josiah Taft.

He became a Vermont state legislator. He died in CincinnatiHamilton County, Ohio. There was early settlement at Mendon, Massachusetts circa and again in at what was later Uxbridgeafter the King Philip's War ended. InBenjamin Taft started an iron forge, in Uxbridge, where some of the earliest beginnings of America's industrial revolution began.

Josiah's widow became "America's first woman voter", Lydia Chapin Taftwhen she voted in three Uxbridge town meetings. Robert Taft, Sr came here from Braintree. He grew up in the western part of Mendon in what later became Uxbridge.

He became a founding member of the Uxbridge Board of Selectmen in America's first woman voter and her descendants[ edit ] Lydia Chapin Taft ; Noteworthy among early Uxbridge residents was Lydia Chapin Taft, a Mendon native by birth, who voted in three official Uxbridge town meetingsbeginning in Josiah was the son of Daniel Taft of Mendon.

Taft was America's First Woman Voter. Her first historic vote, a first in Women's suffragewas in favor of appropriating funds for the regiments engaged in the French and Indian War. He went on to become a prominent Massachusetts legislator, and State Senator.

Many more Tafts from throughout the former colonies also served in the War of Independence. George Spring Taft, Bezaleel Jr. SenatorGeorge Hoar. The tradition of public service continued for at least five generations in this Massachusetts branch of the Taft family. Being informed that you have given my name to one of your sons, and called another after Mrs.

Washington's family, and being moreover very much pleased with the modest and innocent looks of your two daughters, Patty and Polly, I do for these reasons send each of these girls a piece of chintz ; and to Patty, who bears the name of Mrs.

Washingtonand who waited more upon us than Polly did, I send five guineaswith which she may buy herself any little ornament she may want, or she may dispose of them in any other manner more agreeable to herself. As I do not give these things with a view to having it talked of, or even to its being known, the less there is said about the matter the better you will please me; but, that I may be sure the chintz and money have got safe to hand, let Patty, who I dare say is equal to it, write me a line informing me thereof, directed to 'The President of the United States at New York.

Yours, — Letter to Mr. His father Aaron moved to Townshend, Vermontbecause of the difficult economy, when he was fifteen. The story is told that Peter Rawson walked a cow all the way from Uxbridge to Townshend, a distance of well over miles.

Secretary of Warand his son William Howard became the U. The ancestry of U. I think I have more relatives here than in any town in America.

how to write a family history book template

It was at "Elmshade" that young William Howard Taft likely heard his father, Alphonso Taft, proudly deliver an oratory on the Taft family history and the family's roots in Uxbridge, and Mendon, circa A Mormon apostle[ edit ] Ezra T.

Benson to distinguish him from his famous great-grandson, Ezra Taft Bensona Mendon and Uxbridge native, is famous as a key early apostle of the Mormons religion. His own autobiography states that he lived in Uxbridge between —, or about 17 years, after his mother, Chloe Taft and father, John Benson, moved to a farm there.

He had moved in with his family in an Uxbridge center Hotel in He and Pamela lived here in the s, had children, and had a child who died, which is recorded in the Uxbridge Vital Records.

He moved to Holland Mass in He had eight wives and 32 children. He served as a Representative to the Utah Territorial Assembly. He died in OgdenUtahin Uses of a Genogram. A family psychotherapist depends a lot on a Genogram as an instrument to understand the family relations of their clients.

It gives a general idea of the family tree to both the psychoanalyst and the client and get an assistance to deal with the existing problems in the family.

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