First robotics competition business plan

The positions change somewhat from year-to-year, however, we always have a President and Vice-President. Leadership styles also vary from year-to-year, impacted by college searches, after school jobs, etc. Some Presidents lead by example, while others share leadership and distribute the work load and productivity.

First robotics competition business plan

We are located in Ballston Spa, New York. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and develop students for success in the 21st century through hands-on activities centered primarily around STEM subjects. We also try to have a positive impact on our community through a variety of activities.

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We engage our students in activities that are both fun and cognitively stimulating. Our team was founded in and over the past 10 years, has quadrupled in size, and spirit. Today we have 41 students and 37 mentors.

Our team set a variety of goals for the FIRST Power Up season, some of which include producing a robot that performs well at competitions, organizing a team that fosters self confidence, effective communication skills, leadership and gracious professionalism, and to attend the world championship held in Detroit.

In addition to striving toward these goals, our team continues to support our high school by collecting donations for students in need; our outreach extends outside of our school community to supporting our military through Adopt a Soldier and purchasing diapers to support the Haiti based program, Keep Kids Klean.

In addition to these we have won multiple other awards such as the Team Spirit Award on a multitude of occasions, as well as the Industrial Safety Award and the Industrial Design Award. We have also performed demos at local parks and run a Lego academy summer camp in August.

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We are very fortunate to have support financial and use of facilities from our school district. About half of total support is from corporate sponsors, such as Ballston Spa National Bank and Bechtel, while the other half comes from team fundraisers.

This money is put to use for robot parts, registration fees, and transportation to competitions. As for the future, team plans on increasing our number of members and mentors, strengthening our relationship with our community and sponsors and having more fun!

Team Business Plan pdf.Cyber Cats FIRST Robotics Business Plan. Business Plan File Size: kb: File Type: Download File. / Business Plan / FRC 16 / Bomb Squad / 3 Relationships and Information Regarding Current Sponsors After helping these FIRST Robotics Competition teams finish their FIRST Stronghold robots, we competed in a full-scale competition and earned the Inspiration Award.

year in ®the FIRST Robotics Competition, an annual competition where teams from across the world have 6 weeks to build a functioning robot to compete in a game that differs from year to year. About FIRST All about our main competition and program; This team displays entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the vital business skills for a self-sustaining program.

Our team first developed a comprehensive business plan during the FIRST season. Our first year in FIRST robotics competition was in the season. Our team is composed of 1 sophomore, 4 juniors, and 5 seniors, and in this group there are 2 females and 8 males.

Our school and students are located in a very rural area.

first robotics competition business plan

FIRST® Robotics competition in whole and in part • Media Publications such as the Chicago Sun Times and the Flint Journal, and online sources such as Business Week and have covered FIRST Robotics Teams and events.

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