Consumer behaviour for potato chips

These changes depend on both potato cultivar and process parameters. In this study, the texture and color of crisps processed from potatoes with different sugar contents were analyzed. The acrylamide content, which is related to sugar content and the color of the crisps, was also measured. To see whether the properties change over time, the crisps were measured during a storage time up to eight weeks.

Consumer behaviour for potato chips

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The McCain brothers had a simple philosophy 'Good ethics is good business'. It is not just the food that is good. The philosophy also refers to the way McCain works with its suppliers and builds its relationship with its customers.

McCain believes it is important to take care of the environment, the community and its people. It works with Consumer behaviour for potato chips farmers in the UKchosen for the quality of their potato crop. McCain factories are located in key potato growing areas, which helps to reduce food miles.

Corporate responsibility A further example of the way McCain is reducing its impact on the environment is the installation of three m high wind turbines to generate electricity for its Whittlesey factory near Peterborough.

Consumer behaviour for potato chips

McCain is the first major UK food manufacturer to use alternative energy to help power a large factory. McCain also gives back to the community by committing resources to both local and national projects.

McCain supports a wide range of local charities and good causes. The Marketing Mix McCain strives to be a company making good, simple food in an increasingly sustainable way, while meeting business objectives.

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To achieve this, the business ensures that it balances the four elements the four P's of the marketing mix. A product or service will have its own different mix of the four P's. The right mix will achieve marketing objectives and result in customer satisfaction: This case study shows how McCain combines all four parts of the marketing mix to develop its marketing strategy.

Product McCain Foods is the world's leading manufacturer of frozen potato products. Although McCain is perhaps best known for producing Oven Chips, its product lines are much wider. In other countries McCain sells a variety of foods including frozen vegetables, ready meals and desserts.

Some products, for example, McCain Oven Chips, captured the public imagination immediately and continue to sell well without needing to be changed. Other products change through time or are adapted to create new variations, e.

External Influences Changes in the range are driven by a number of different factors. For example, microwaveable snacks take account of changing lifestyles, where people are looking for food that does not take long to prepare.

This states that to maintain a healthy weight, calories consumed should not exceed calories used. This also forms part of the 'It's All Good' message - not only does McCain food taste good, but it fits in with current thinking on healthy diets.

McCain now only uses sunflower oil in the preparation of its chips. It knows that customers want to eat healthily without compromising on taste and it is careful to use wholesome ingredients in its products.

Having a wide range including healthier options, such as Oven Chips, as well as products developed for taste, e. Wedges, means the company can meet different consumer needs for different meal occasions.

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Managing Quality To protect quality throughout the whole supply chain, McCain manages its own potato seed development. After specially selecting the seeds, McCain works closely with around farmers to ensure the potatoes are grown to a high standard and harvested at their peak.

Only the best potatoes are chosen to make McCain chips and potato products. McCain Foods' product offering extends outside the home to include food service. This provides products specially designed for use in restaurants and canteens.

Boston Matrix A useful tool to help a business analyse its product lines is the Boston Matrix. The Boston Matrix identifies four types in a company's product portfolio: These products have a high market share in markets that are growing quickly. For example, the Play Station was a star when it was first introduced into the games market.

These products have a low market share in a growing market. Costs are more than returns as the company tries to increase market share.

An example of a Question Mark could be a newly launched fashion item or a new car model.COMPARITIVE STUDY ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR OF LAYS POTATO CHIPS Uploaded by lokesh_ Except for barbecue-flavor potato chips, which were introduced no later than , up until Documents Similar To COMPARITIVE STUDY ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR OF LAYS POTATO CHIPS A Brief Pepsi History.

Uploaded by.5/5(1). Oct 20,  · McCain Foods was founded in in Canada by the McCain brothers Harrison, Wallace, Robert and Foods is now the largest chip producer in the world with a market share of almost 33% and more than 20, employees working in 57 locations worldwide.

"Consumer Behaviour For Potato Chips" Essays and Research Papers Consumer Behaviour For Potato Chips Global Variations in the Potato Crisps and Potato Chips Market It’s fair to assume that consumer snacking habits are likely to differ from country to country, .


Questionnaire and other parts A study Consumer purchase behaviour on Non durable shahid KV/5(5). The Global Organic Chips Market research study is a designed especially for business strategists, industry executives, marketing, sales and product managers & consultants highlighting value drivers that may provides a competitive advantage to the business, giving an upper hand in the industry.

Brands: Jack 'n Jill Potato Chips, Corn Curls, Jigs, Piattos and Chiz King - Constant monitoring, analysing and evaluating market trends, consumer behaviour and competitors’ activities to identify opportunities for the brand / category - Thorough analysis on findings from AC Nielsen, Focus Group Discussions and Internal data to.

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