Challenges facing the australian catholic church

Thank you Existing comments I am not sure whether it was this study or another but what is heartening is that most priests seem to find their vocation fulfilling. Of course, if the hope is for transformation,then things look bleak. Perhaps what is needed is resurrection, in which case, what is currently exisitng must enter a tomb.

Challenges facing the australian catholic church

The decline in religious vocations, falling mass attendance, married clergy, female ordination and the role of the laity are all issues contributing to the challenges of the Australian Catholic Church. Religious vocations are on a steep decline. As stated by the Pope, in regard to Australia, "mainstream Christianity is dying more quickly here than in any other country.

The Conversation Tweet on Twitter I am neither a prophet nor the son of one. Yet, as a young-ish university professor and a pastor, I am often asked about the challenges facing the American church in the 21st century.
Pope Francis and the Challenges Facing the Roman Catholic Church Messenger As a young girl in the s, I attended a Catholic boarding school.

He also said that many people felt that Christianity was antiquated which makes it harder to inspire people to pursue religious vocations. The decline in religious vocations is partly due to the fact that clergy are not allowed to marry. Australian priests are pursuing many avenues in an attempt to urge Rome to overturn its ban on married clergy to try and eliminate the shortage of ordained priests.

They also asked the Church to readmit priests who had left the clergy to marry. This would make a difference but is not the only answer. The complete package; male, full-time, life-long and celibate is a lot to ask for.

Answering the call to a ‘new evangelisation’

This is a lot for people to embrace and is the obstacle to overcoming the problem of the priest shortage. Catholic affiliation is on the decline and so is the mass attendance. Mass attendance has fallen by thirteen per cent between and The opportunity to encourage and influence younger Christians has not been seized to the full extent and the shortage of young priests who would relate to younger people exacerbates this situation.

Female Ordination is another factor contributing to the falling religious vocations and attendance. The Vatican obviously feels very strongly about not allowing women to be ordained. This is evident when women faced excommunication after beingChallenges Facing the Australian Catholic Church of the 21st Century This Essay Challenges Facing the Australian Catholic Church of the 21st Century and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 30, • Essay • Words (3 4/4(1).

Challenges facing the australian catholic church

The Church is also facing several very real challenges that can only be characterized as a crisis of authority. The widespread sexual abuse crisis, most of it involving pedophilia, has seriously undermined the church’s moral authority, especially in the West (the United States and Europe).

Embracing a victim-centred response

Whatever one makes of George Pell’s legacy, the Catholic Church in Australia must tackle challenges on several fronts without one of its dominant figures of recent times.

As borne out by the statistics, the Catholic Church in Australia, with about million members (a quarter of the population) is now a greatly diminished force in society and the reasons for such.

Challenges facing the australian catholic church

Australian Catholics facing disaster; the Catholic Church' Wilkinson looks at everything connected with on-the-ground ministry in Australian Catholicism and shows that parishes are failing for a complex of reasons to meet even the basic liturgical needs of parishioners, let alone the broad range of other challenges facing the church.

New ACBC President. All Australia’s bishops have met this week to consider the grave challenges facing our Church and to elect a new President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Pope Francis and the Challenges Facing the Roman Catholic Church - Issues In Perspective