An introduction to the analysis of gangs

It is also a remarkable study of a "natural experiment" in the evolution of government. Put a couple of thousand men, not of the nicest kind, into close confinement with limited communication facilities and little government, and see what happens. What happens is government, based largely on ethnic gangs, with hierarchy, rules, and sometimes written constitutions. This book is a stunning achievement that makes me proud to be a social scientist.

An introduction to the analysis of gangs

There is strength in men again! Every year we struggle with the best way to teach such a difficult play to students who are wondering why why why.

Whether it is my introductory Shakespeare Unit for teachers, available here at Teach4Real, or my post on the beauty of teaching African-American boys these plays, I always enjoy the end of winter and the beginning of Romeo and Juliet, or Othello, or Hamlet.

I encourage you to do the same.

Defining “Gang”

A few years ago a colleague came up with the great idea of using blank MySpace profile sheets as a tool for character analysis. It was a wonderful idea, back when people still used MySpace and wooly mammoths walked the earth. It worked great back then, and today, it works just as well with one big difference.

I now use Facebook. Using the Facebook template, I have created Profile pages for each of the important characters in Romeo and Juliet. Keep in mind, I have created the Profile page, not the New Feed. Here are some great nuances to this activity that show just how deep the students can go into character analysis and character interaction LRA Standards 3.

Remember, it should still sound like a Facebook page. I encourage them to use this mixture, as that is when it is the most fun. The chronology takes them back in the play, and the posts should reflect that.

I make sure each student in the group has a different character, and they have to help each other out.

An introduction to the analysis of gangs

Also, if you do it this way, you can create a New Feed out of butcher paper and require each student to make a post at the front of the room. This forces them to think about the characters deeply.

When you do this activity I promise you the students will love it. This activity is everything a good lesson should be. Try using Facebook in the classroom, you use it for everything else, right?Community responses to youth gangs One of the limitations of street-based coercive approaches to gang activity is that very often gangs occupy a rather ambiguous position within local communities (Soulliere ; Howell ; Collins et al.

). Richard Rive's, "Buckingham Palace," District Six focuses on a small community, unable to establish themselves outside of gangs, thievery, alcohol abuse and prostitution.

District Six sits at the.

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Introduction to Gangs. Violence is inherent in gang activity. Anybody in the area is fair game, including men, women and children. Once, gang members used chains, knives and an occasional homemade "zip gun." They now use shotguns, automatic rifles, handguns and explosives.

Once, victims of gang violence were rival gang members. National Youth Gang Survey Analysis Introduction The National Gang Center (NGC) conducted an annual survey of law enforcement agencies between – to assess the extent of gang problems by measuring the presence, characteristics, and behaviors of .

ing gangs per se, but of reducing injuries through undermining the conditions generating the availability and use of weapons. Another example, this time from Britain, is the Kirkholt burglary prevention project. This again began with analysis, identifying aspects of the Introduction: Analysis for Crime Prevention.

Youth Gangs and Violence. Youth gang violence from the 's to the 's has a curious history. Miller () contended that the national perspective of gangs during this period was dominated by a New York City media view: "a flowering in the s, death in the s, revival in the early s, and dormancy in the later s.".

Gangs of New York: Introduction to the Identity of the City Essay