An analysis of good deeds

Tyler Perry plays the lead character of Wesley Deeds. He is a very successful businessman. Mostly his mother Wilimena played by Phylicia Rashad has planned his entire life out for him. He is about to get married to a woman named Natalie played by Gabrielle Union who is going to take over running his schedule of the same daily routine.

An analysis of good deeds

Pan sets out to perform is both beneficial to her and to Lili Yang, thus giving it a double meaning. While Lili meets a man to whom she is clearly attracted and will probably marry, Mrs. Pan has found meaning in the foreign land to which her son has brought her.

The title of Pearl S. Pan first arrives in New York from her ancestral village of Szechuen, which rogue local ruffians have occupied since the government fell, she experiences culture shock. Everything is strange to her; her grandchildren speak Chinese, but their pronunciation is wrong, and they also do not behave in the customary way; her daughter-in-law is kind and respectful, but she knows nothing of life in China, having been born in America.

While her son tries to make his mother feel comfortable in her new home, her sense of alienation grows until she loses her appetite and becomes listless. Finally, anxious for his mother's health and happiness, Mrs. Pan's son asks his wife, "Is there no woman you know who can speak Chinese with her?

She needs to have someone to whom she can talk about the village and all the things she knows. Lili Yang is a social worker, too, so she can easily talk to Mrs.

The next day Mrs. Pan calls her friend, explaining that her mother-in-law is pining away because of a sense of alienation and isolation. Lili promises to visit. From the beginning of her visit, Lili lifts the spirits of Mrs.

Pan, especially when Lili suggests that they talk about Mrs. Pan's home and village.

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As she talks about her home with gardens in the courtyard and a pool of goldfish, Mrs. Pan's cheeks grow pink with emotion and her eyes glow. When Lili asks her how old she was when she was married, Mrs. Pan replies that she was seventeen. Then she inquires about Lili's age, and she marvels that Lili is twenty-seven and yet not married.

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Pan forgot herself for the first time since she had been hurried away from the village Now as she looked at Lili's kind, ugly face it occurred to her that here there was something she could do. She could find a husband for this good girl Lili thanks her and departs.

Pan now has a cause, and she cannot wait to talk to her son when he arrives home. She asks him why marriages are not arranged as in China. Her son does not have the heart to tell her that his "arranged marriage" was orchestrated for his parents' benefit because he and his wife were already in love.

Pan tries to explain how courtship is done in America, but Mrs. Pan finds it barbaric.

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She asks her son to find someone that he works with, but he laughs.Good-Deeds is the personification of Everyman’s good deeds. She is weak when she is introduced, as Everyman’s sinful behavior has depleted her, but she becomes stronger and stronger as .

The Clueless study guide contains a biography of director Amy Heckerling, quiz questions, major themes, character descriptions, and a full summary and analysis. The movie Clueless is an adaption of.

An analysis of good deeds

Good Deed Essay. Courage/Coward essay For my character I chose Tom Robinson. He is one of the main characters and is the basis of the story “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Tom is . Good Deeds Essay Sample.

Good deeds may be done by any one in any walk of life; by the soldier in barracks or on the battle-field, by the woman in the home, the nurse in the hospital, the business-man in his office, the boy at school, or the inventor in the work ship.

The title of Pearl S. Buck's story "The Good Deed" is a double entendre because the deed which Mrs. Pan sets out to perform is both beneficial to her and to Lili Yang, thus giving it a double meaning. Everyman learns that Good-Deeds has a sister, Knowledge, who will stay with him until Good-Deeds can regain strength.

Knowledge promptly offers to go with him and guide him in his great need.

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