Acct 202 w15 hybrid syllabus

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Acct 202 w15 hybrid syllabus

Tuesday Thursday, by appointment Course Description: An introduction to Symbolic Logic, focusing on Propositional Logic with some Predicate Logic, emphasizing the rules of translating language into symbols, the rules of inference and replacement, and the mechanism of reasoning used by computers.

Must be placed into college-level reading or be placed into college-level writing. Students learn how to recognize, analyze, and assess rational appeals in both rhetoric and science by using a formal system of logic.

Recall and Identify the core components of articulated meaning understood from a logical perspective, both classical and contemporary. Construct arguments using English sentences, then Interpret sentences in a manner that preserves their precise meaning when translated into standard form.

Apply Truth Table method to arguments in order to determine whether valid, or not-valid, then Articulate the understanding that Truth Tables provide for distinguishing between kinds of truth-functional statements, and sets of statements, logical equivalence, and logical implication.

Apply the rules of inference and replacement rules to Construct justified proofs of symbolic arguments, then Implement methods of conditional and indirect proof, including the proof of theorems.

Represent statements in predicate logic in symbolic form and Apply to categorical statements from classical logic. This is a web-enhanced lecture course that uses Eagle Online. The Eagle Online logon page is: Your default Eagle Online password at the beginning of the term is: You will be required to change your password when you first log in.

Eagle Online works best with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Please check your Operating System to see if you have Firefox in your applications. Quiz 2 W11 1-Apr Unit 8.

All grades will be calculated according to a percentage of total points. The total number of points for this term is The term grade legend follows: The student must re-enroll to receive credit. COM Completed is given in non-credit and continuing education courses.

Students who stop attending class and do not withdraw themselves prior 6 to the withdrawal deadline may either be dropped by their professor for excessive absences or be assigned the final grade of "FX" at the end of the semester. Students who stop attending classes will receive a grade of "FX", compared to an earned grade of "F" which is due to poor performance.

Logging into a DE course without active participation is seen as non-attending. Please note that HCC will not disperse financial aid funding for students who have never attended class.

Students who receive financial aid but fail to attend class will be reported to the Department of Education and may have to pay back their aid. A grade of "FX" is treated exactly the same as a grade of "F" in terms of GPA, probation, suspension, and satisfactory academic progress. To compute grade point average GPAdivide the total grade points by the total number of semester hours attempted.

Late work will be accepted with penalty, unless I have received a valid excuse or the student has arranged for late submission prior to the deadline.

Philosophy Tutoring is available at Please use it if you need it!! The pressure to earn high grades and belief that a good end can justify any means whatsoever leads many students to try cutting corners by resorting to less than honest methods.

Do yourself a favor by avoiding that trap.

Acct 202 w15 hybrid syllabus

It defines plagiarism as "the appropriation of another's work and the unacknowledged incorporation of that work in one's own written work offered for credit. Students are responsible for materials covered in-class and online during their absences, and it is the student's responsibility to contact and consult with the instructor for make-up assignments.

In addition, any student who is absent on posted exam dates should be prepared to schedule the make-up of missed examinations on the first day of returning to class.

Make-up examinations are taken by appointment at the campus Testing Center. This scheduling cannot occur during class time. Any other assignments not turned in on time due to absences must also be either turned in, or scheduled for late submission on the first day of returning to class.

Except for a medical excuse or documented family or personal emergency, there is no exemption from these rules. Attendance and Withdrawal Policy:ACCT is the second quarter of a two-quarter transfer financial accounting series.

This class is a continuation of ACCT& Internal controls and cash, receivables, non-current operating assets, debt and equity financing, investments and cash flow statements are emphasized. Browse thousands of essays from our giant database of academic papers.

Find assignments like Whole Foods Market. 11 I ; II, Now t here's a new breed of Beckman I ndu st ri al Corporation hand-. Directory List Lowercase Small - Free ebook download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.5/5(1). 4 HW11 Last day for student withdra Course Calendar: Week 1 Jan Introduction, Syllabus Jan Introduction to Logic, Quiz 3 Apr Unit HW14 W14 Apr Unit Apr Unit HW15 W15 Apr Unit May Review W16 6-May FINAL EXAM Dr.

Marina Grau ACCT Principle of Accounting I CRN Summer Distance Education Instructor Information. ACCT& Formerly BA Course Title Principles of Accounting II Credits Description The theory and practice of accounting, including financial statements.

Emphasis on partnership and corporate accounting. Prerequisite: ACCT& or instructor permission. Quarters Available.

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